LEADERSHIP – Jerome C. Irons

Jerome C. Irons – Director.

Mr. Irons has over four decades of experience in designing, engineering, testing, management, and administration of telecommunications networks and services. He is well versed in the aspects and deployment of every mode of content delivery in digital and analog mediums. More than half of his career has been in managed network solutions with AT&T and Bell operating companies where he engineered and deployed voice and data solutions for both the service providers’ and customer network infrastructures.

The later part of his career with AT&T was spent with AT&T Labs developing, engineering and deploying cyber security solutions including the establishment and provisioning of intrusion detection technology, server-based firewall protection offerings, cyber-attack response and recovery systems, customer coordination scheme development, and evaluation of third–party vendor security and equipment proposals and concepts. He is RAMM’s liaison to the AT&T Global Content Delivery Network.

Mr. Irons holds a Bachelor of Science in Physics and Mathematics from Lincoln University. He is a member of the FBI’s private sector security group, InfraGuard, and the International Association for Counter-terrorism and Security Professionals.

Mr. Irons is a Director of Red Alert Media Matrix, Inc. and a Director of Red Alert Group, Inc.

Founded in 2016, Atlan Media Networks™ is a premium advertising network with the mission to connect our Advertisers and Publishers with their respective targeted audiences. Utilizing our self engineered advertising platform, we consistently enable our clients to globally increase their brand awareness, maximize their ad revenue and increase their ROI. We have relationships with 70+ comScore’s Top 100 ad-supported sites and our publisher network spans 25+ content verticals and monetizes millions of ad impressions.

At the Regal Photo Archive, our passion for historic photography runs deep. We are on a crusade to save the world’s great historic archives, one by one. We realize that many of them are in peril. Every one of us has heard the story of a great collection that was tossed in a dumpster a decade ago when space became more important than dusty boxes of history.

Safe and Secure TV Channel is positioned to be a 24/7 interactive television channel that will cover the many issues that deal with security and safety in the home, the workplace, and everywhere in between.

To date, companies in the $400 billion dollar security industry have utilized many different publications, seminars, and trade shows to network their products, services, and information. Safe and Secure TV Channel will offer for the first time to these companies creative and innovative programs that will help in the promotion and marketing of these companies’ many different products and services.

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