Safe and Secure TV Channel is positioned to be a 24/7 interactive television channel that will cover the many issues that deal with security and safety in the home, the workplace, and everywhere in between.

To date, companies in the $400 billion dollar security industry have utilized many different publications, seminars, and trade shows to network their products, services, and information. Safe and Secure TV Channel will offer for the first time to these companies creative and innovative programs that will help in the promotion and marketing of these companies’ many different products and services.

Our Mission

Safe and Secure TV Channel will produce informational, sponsor-branded interactive programming that will reach millions of viewers via satellite, cable, broadcast syndication, and international media platforms. The television programs will contain an interactive component that features video-on-demand, web-streaming, e-commerce, and podcasting for timely information. The programs will also be available through a fully interactive website featuring current and archived shows. To date, Safe and Secure TV Channel has signed three solid letters of intent and one major contract to produce and distribute monthly series slated to begin in the second quarter of 2008.

Our Goal

The goal of Safe and Secure TV Channel is to offer companies the opportunity to brand, produce, and air a 3-to-5 minute segment or as much as a full 30- or 60-minute program depending on the significance and content of the message. Through this sponsorship, companies in the security industry will not only be able to sell and market their products and services, but will also demonstrate goodwill by sharing important security information with viewers. Safe and Secure TV Channel will methodically grow its revenue streams over the next 12 to 24 months. This will position it as an excellent candidate for a public company, or as a strategic acquisition by mega broadcast/cable giants such as Discovery Channel who are constantly picking up new channels that have proven to be successful. The channel will have a significant presence at all the major security industry trade shows, utilizing unique promotions and marketing campaigns to reach out to the companies in attendance. The positioning and location of Safe and Secure TV Channel in the Washington, D.C. area will allow for daily exposure and networking within and around the Beltway, where the security industry is prominent.

Timing is Everything

The timing for Safe and Secure TV Channel is excellent as the media and communications industry are dedicating countless hours reporting on the many issues that face the global public, their homes, and businesses every day.



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